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Our Vision

To challenge industry standards by combining innovative technology with quality service, resulting in effective and practical solutions for our clients. 

The Rolling Mix philosophy is simple.


Bring the strong family values, qualities, and work ethic that defined us from the start to provide the best service and quality available without forgetting that it was the small guys who got us where we are today.

servicesFrom the foundation of your dream home to skyscrapers iconic to the Calgary skyline, Rollingmix provides the services you need from the beginning to the end of your concrete project in both private and commercial capacities. Our services include; preparation, delivery, pumping, and placing of concrete for foundations, footings, walls, basement and garage floors, driveways, sidewalks, steps, patios, and more.

We also provide a variety of aesthetic options including; standard broom finish, exposed aggregate concrete, stamped patters, or colored concrete to suit your individual, functional project needs with aesthetic preferences. Delivery and service is provided for all areas of the city and surrounding area including; Cochrane, Airdrie, Strathmore, Langdon, Okotoks, High River, and Millarville. Setting us apart is our dedication to quality and service above all else which has served as the foundational aspect to our success from 1955 until now.

The Rollingmix brand is multifaceted and committed to providing the best customer service and quality from start to finish.

Concrete Services:

  • Foundation
  • Footings
  • Walls
  • Basement floors (preparation and pouring)
  • Garage floors (preparations and pouring)
  • Driveway (prep and pouring)
  • Sidewalks (prep and pouring)
  • Steps
  • Patios

Concrete Finishes:

  • Standard broom finished
  • Exposed concrete
  • Stamped pattern finish
  • Colored concrete is also available

What People are Saying

“My professional relationship with Rolling Mix is one that spans 12 years, which is the result of their dedication to quality, customer service and integrity.  Rolling Mix’s staff are loyal, dedicated and committed to customer service, while always maintaining a distinct family owned company culture.  Knowing that Rolling Mix’s products consistently meet and, more often, exceed expectations, combined with a high level of trust and respect, it is a daily comfort working with such an outstanding trade partner.”  - Chad Hamilton: Carlisle Group


“Krawford has worked with Rolling Mix over the last four years and have found the service and staff exceptional. They are easy to work with and are committed to providing products with a standard of excellence that surpasses quality guidelines. Rolling Mix has always made it a prior to ensure our delivery schedules are met. The staff has been very helpful and cooperative, setting Rolling Mix apart from others we have worked with in the industry. Due to our continued satisfaction, we foresee a long-standing business relationship with Rolling Mix Concrete and would recommend then with no hesitation.” - Mike Kelly: Krawford Construction

“I’m writing this in regards to the work your company completed at my home here in Glendale. From the start to finish the job went like clock-work. The crews were not only on time but friendly and helpful with suggestions on how to make it better. One crew, in particular, that was headed by Greg did excellent work and from what I can see, was the best in Calgary. But really all the Rolling Mix crew were great people and you should be proud of all of them. My wife, I know enjoyed their company and getting coffee with them was something we loved to do for them. I will be recommending  Rolling Mix to anyone I know or who asks us." - Colin and Linda Campbell- homeowners

“We have recently employed Rolling Mix Concrete to provide a slab for our new garage.  The crew arrived on time and was efficient, cooperative, and well organized.  The job was completed in a very short time.  We would recommend this firm for any such project.
Thanks for your efforts... even the carpenters are happy with the concrete.” - Brian Willdig- homeowner

“I am so appreciative of the work that Rolling Mix recently did to my sidewalk. It was a tiny nuance type job and the guys at Rolling Mix really went above and beyond to cater to my needs and help me. From Dan in estimating to Mike supervising and all the other members of the Rolling Mix team who came to my house, I am so appreciative of the extra effort that everyone gave to the project.
A sidewalk may seem like a little thing, but I had been suffering with a tiny original sidewalk for many years, and it is great to see one of the finishing touches done to my home. Thanks again to everyone involved. It looks brilliant!” - Krista- homeowner

Concrete: a Sustainable Building Choice

It is no secret that the world today is an ever-evolving organism, gaining momentum in technological advancements every day. With the increase in industry over the last century preserving the environment has become a main concern among the global community. The nature of concrete construction makes it both environmentally and economically responsible in the face of a rising global warming crisis.

shieldThe durability, disaster resistance, and longevity of concrete as a building material not only surpasses standards of safety for preserving life, but provides sturdy infrastructure in the dynamic world we live in today. Very little maintenance or repairs are required for concrete structures, making them adaptable to the environment. In order to meet the custom demands of varying markets, the proportions in the mix can be adapted to best suit each individual purpose, making it highly versatile. With many of these mix additives being supplied as recycled material from other industries, benefitting both the environment and the economy.

How It's Done

questionWhen concrete is produced it is sent in batches customized to the specific application, making it a minimal waste building option. If excess does occur it can be crushed and recycled into aggregates for other purposes, like laying the foundations for roads and is also commonly used in the building of stackable blocks that can be used for retaining walls or flood mitigation along with many other purposes. Gravel pits for the collection of aggregates can be reconstituted as; golf courses, park land, farm or ranchland, housing developments or lake communities and many more. Gravel and other aggregates can be found in many areas, so concrete can be locally sourced and produced.

The thermal properties of concrete make it an attractive choice, just having a concrete floor can reduce heating energy by 6- 15% without the use of any further insulation. On a grand scale this helps to moderate heating and cooling costs in larger buildings and cities as a whole, making for an environmentally sustainable choice that provides economic benefit to the community.

Overall, concrete is a long-lasting, safe, effective, and responsible building material that can withstand the elements and adapt to the rapidly changing world around us.

Our new Balzac pit uses 100% recycled water in production.

The concrete poured today creates the foundation for the future.

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